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Innovation consulting

Innovation consulting services for companies
on project or interim basis.

Innovation strategy

Build strategic thinking & create an innovation strategy based on corporate objectives, inner-strengths, and technology & market trends.

Innovation roadmap

Co-design an inovation roadmap that defines and prioritizes milestones and innovation actions.


Use engaging collaboration methods to Involve all the necessary stakeholders in your innovation process.


Develop the appropriate tools and processes to accelerate innovation action and increase its transformational potential.

Technology scouting

Scout market-ready and early-stage solutions, technology systems, patent holders, and service providers.

IP Protection

Protection for the assets generated through innovation action to build a unique Intellectual Property portfolio.

We conduct a mapping to identify your inner-strengths and pivotal technological assets in your posssession to establish your backhground for innovation action, we complement this activity with an in-depth research of related market and technology trends. Then, and taking into account your corporate objectives, we elaborate your innovation strategy.

In order to implement your innovation strategy, we design a step-wise action plan that includes the execution of several innovation projects, which will enable cross-departmental collaborations as well as collaborations with potential partners from different sectors. This will also faciliate the acquisition of public R&D funds.

Through innovation action, we help you create differential technology assets, and exploit them to achieve a measurable impact on the performance and competitiveness of your business. This includes assets that improve or revolutionize your operations, assets that enable you to become a leader in your sector, and assets that create new business oportunities.

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