Saico Intelligence
An innovation consulting firm with an established track of helping companies create business value through technology.

About Saico Intelligence

A 17+ years trail,
serving corporations, tech centers,
research institutes & tech firms.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, innovation provides an edge for businesses and institutions to stand out. Through innovation, they accelerate their digital transformation and adoption of new technologies. They create new products and services and improve existing ones, they boost the competitiveness of their operations, and differentiate themselves from the competition and they enhance their productivity and build new growth engines.

Through an established methodical process, Saico Intelligence helps companies and institutions to devise ambicious Innovation and Digital Transformation strategies, and create effective roadmaps to implement them. This entails designing innovation projects, establishing corporate collaborations, and leveraging public R&D funding opportunities. Saico Intelligence helps clients to manage these projects and collaborations, and to ensure fruitful and exploitable results are attained.

Portfolio Sectors

Digital Technologies
Transport & Mobility
Med & Bio tech
Cloud computing



    We accompany you through the European program Horizon Europe to boost your research & innovation capacities.
    We guide you through the process of protecting your innovation assets to build a unique Intellectual Property portfolio.
    We participate in your internal innovation processes to help redesign and reinvent your product.
    We contribute to the go to market strategy to position the product in the value chain.
    We support you during the first sales of the product and we help you raise capital from investors.

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    We guide you through the European Research & Innovation Programs
    to boost your capacity of creating new breakthrough technology.

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    We offer product development services using electronics, telecom and software technologies.
    We provide analysis & design, development, test, integration and quality assurance (QA) services.
    We counts_all with entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers and directors of technology-based businesses.

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Our consultancy services are adapted to meet each client's specific needs and ambition. At the start of each collaboration, we work closely with management to define the objectives, work plan, deliverables, schedule, and fees.


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